Identity Theft Protection

These days, everyone is taking care to protect their information. If you even suspect that someone is trying to steal your identity, we promise to help you fight back.

Worried about financial fraud? We have a plan in place to protect you.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. Putting your life in order after becoming a victim of identity theft can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive. Because we are continually looking for ways to provide outstanding value, as well as help our Wisconsin and Michigan neighbors, when you need it most, all CoVantage members have access to Identity Care - a free identity fraud research, remediation and recovery service. This service is available if you become a victim of identity theft, even if you just suspect your information has been compromised. The service covers financial and non-financial identity theft, including credit card, medical, employment, government benefits, government documents, internet and all other types of identity-related fraud. Identity Care extends to cover three generations of your family. This includes your spouse/partner, dependents, and parents with same permanent residence. 

If you become a victim or sense there may have been fraudulent activity, call 855-857-7956. A professional Privacy Advocate who, depending on the circumstances of your case, will be prepared to: 

  • Perform research to determine the extent of the problem, including a review of all three credit reports (if appropriate) 
  • Assist with the placement of fraud alerts with the three major credit bureaus 
  • Write letters and make phone calls on your behalf to dispute fraudulent information 
  • Coordinate with government agencies, financial institutions, creditors, etc. to resolve incidents 
  • Create and then maintain a case file to assist law enforcement in the prosecution of the perpetrators 
  • Follow up with you after recovery needed.
  • Read the Identity Care Terms of Service

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